Telegram Reaches 1 Billion Downloads


Telegram, one of the rising stars of social media, has managed to reach 1 billion downloads worldwide. In the review made by Sensor Tower, the countries that preferred the application the most were also determined.

After WhatsApp’s restrictions on users, many users began to turn to alternative applications. One of the applications that benefit the most from this situation is Telegram it happened. According to the app Sensor Tower 1 billion global downloads passed.

According to the review, Telegram is the most preferred country and WhatsApp is the most preferred country. India it happened. About 22% of Telegram downloads were made in this country. with 10% of it Russia and with 8% Indonesia followed.

Its popularity grew in 2021:


According to the report, the number of downloads of the application increased greatly in 2021 and was downloaded 214.7 million times in the first half of the year. The number of downloads of the application compared to the same period last year. increased by 61%.


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However, the fact that the application has passed 1 billion downloads does not mean that it has 1 billion active users. Earlier this year, the app’s active users were roughly 500 million was around. However, Telegram’s number of users may have increased later due to WhatsApp’s controversial terms of use.

In response to this interest, Telegram continued to develop itself throughout the year. Recently on the app group video calls started to be done. It has also been made possible to share screens and use animated backgrounds through the application.

Significant success from Telegram:



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Reaching 1 billion downloads is an important threshold for applications. In general, Telegram’s next goal will be to reach 3 billion. So far Facebook has TikTok with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger managed to reach these download numbers.

In the instant messaging apps market, WhatsApp has domination maybe it will end with Facebook’s new decisions. Which messaging apps do you use?

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