Telekom: Fiber optics is coming to Hamburg, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf


As part of its FTTH expansion, Telekom plans to create one million fiber optic connections in the major cities of Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Düsseldorf in the coming years. “For this we are massively increasing the investments in our network,” said Germany boss Srini Gopalan on Monday. “As already announced in February, by 2024 from currently around 1.5 billion euros to around 2.5 billion per year only for fiber-optic expansion.”

By 2025, a total of 10 million households and company locations are to be connected directly to Telekom’s fiber-optic network. In Hamburg, Telekom wants to create around 540,000 connections, 375,000 in Frankfurt and 160,000 in Düsseldorf. In addition, there are around 600,000 connections that are to be built in Berlin by then. In the long term, the group is aiming for a nationwide fiber optic supply by 2030.

In the metropolises, Telekom sees good conditions for expansion, as there is already infrastructure such as empty conduits that can be used. “We are relying on unbureaucratic expansion using alternative methods and digital approval processes,” said Gopalan. The local authorities are also supporting the expansion. “The mayor and administration are of great help and are very committed.” The groundbreaking for the expansion is to take place in Hamburg in the afternoon.

Telekom also wants to expand fiber optics in more rural regions. With the support of the federal government and the states, around 150,000 connections were created in underserved rural areas last year, the company said. This year, another 200,000 are to be added. “In addition, there are a large number of households from our own economic expansion,” said Gopalan. “In total, we want to provide fiber optic connections to more than three million households in rural areas by the end of 2025.”


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