TEMA Launched a Donation Campaign for Forest Fires

TEMA Foundation launched a donation campaign under the name of We Will Grow Again for the forest fires that affected all over Turkey. You can donate to TEMA to replace the trees damaged by the fire.

Turkey has surrendered to the flames all around. The fire, which broke out in different regions of our 21 provinces, especially Manavgat, Mu─čla, Adana and Marmaris, continues to leave heavy balance sheets behind. As you can imagine, tens of thousands of hectares have turned to ash due to the fire, and the most affected creatures are trees we must protect it happened.

The Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion, Afforestation and Conservation of Natural Assets (TEMA) has established a plan for planting new trees to replace the trees destroyed by the fire. launched a campaign. “Together We Will Regenerate Life and Hope Again!” The campaign launched today (July 30) under the name of Volunteers who want to plant 1 sapling for 10 TL waiting for your help.

How to donate saplings to TEMA Foundation?


Those who want to donate to the TEMA Foundation have many options. The first of these is to donate saplings via SMS. Those who want to donate saplings via SMS, Write TEMA to 3464 they can send. The fee for each SMS sent in this way is 10 TL, and this fee is also Received for 1 sapling let me specify.

If, instead of SMS, you would like to donate directly to TEMA’s campaign called We Will Grow Again, which started for forest fires in Turkey, you can click here. Currently, there are difficulties in accessing the site due to the density. However, TEMA encourages people who want to donate. attempts to re-enter the site at short intervals states it should.

Another way to donate saplings is to send donations to the bank accounts of the TEMA Foundation. Below is the TEMA in its announcement You can donate any amount you want to the account number.

Bank account number where you can donate to the TEMA Foundation We Will Grow Together campaign:

  • Isbank of Turkey – Levent Branch
  • Account Name: TEMA Foundation
  • Branch Code: 1035
  • Account Number: 1488866
  • IBAN: TR46 0006 4000 0011 0351 4888 66