Tesla Adds Broadcast and Game Service to Its Vehicles in China

Tesla cars internet connection, for the first time in history can be used to watch broadcasts and play games in the car. The American electric car manufacturer is preparing for a major innovation in Chinese models next year.

On Friday, Tesla made a statement that closely concerns Chinese customers. Electric car manufacturer, in China sold models will provide anime and cartoon broadcast support. In addition, the game can be played in vehicles.

Play and broadcast enjoyment at Tesla

tesla game

Tesla, from Bilibili and Youku, supported by Alibaba 4 channels vehicles completed the necessary work to be able to broadcast. In addition to these publications, vehicle owners, Mahjong and enjoy two different poker games. Chinese technology giant Tencent will provide the infrastructure support for these games.


Tesla to Complete Agreements for Gigafactory to be Built in Germany

Tesla found in cars Game and Video feature of the vehicle must be parked to work. So these features will not be available when the car is on the road. Usually the purpose of this feature is During charging It will prevent people from being bored. The feature is expected to be available in the first quarter of next year.

Tesla satisfied with Chinese market

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Tesla Shares Reach Record Price

Tesla in China $ 2 billion with an investment he had established an automobile factory. With this facility, Tesla has become closer to the world's largest automobile market. 1000 pieces per week Electric car wants to reach sales speed.

The market in China is slightly different from the US and European market. Tesla competes in China, and in its galleries parties Organized. Starting to sell the vehicles produced in the factory in China Teslauntil the end of November, according to consulting firm LMC Automative 38 700 sold electric cars around.

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