Tesla Might Accept Bitcoin Again


The famous billionaire Elon Musk, who is accused of manipulating the crypto money market, shared a bit of hope for investors. Stating that Tesla only sold 10% of its Bitcoin assets, Musk announced that if a solution is found for Bitcoin mining to consume cleaner energy, the company will accept Bitcoin again.

since May Bitcoin’e with his attitude towards Billionaire Elon Musk, who turned the cryptocurrency market upside downmade a statement that would change the balance again. Musk, in response to a news shared on Twitter, stopped accepting payments with Bitcoin Tesla is likely to accept Bitcoin again explained.

Elon Musk announced in May that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin, and took the curse of investors by affecting the market with his tweets one after another. Responding to the news of a name who reacted to him today, Musk announced the amount of Bitcoin that Tesla has sold so far and that the company will continue to accept this money when certain conditions are met.

So far, Elon Musk has received a lot of criticism for his influence in the market. The most prominent of these was the threat video of the world-famous activist hacker group Anonymous. It is not known whether the threat worked or if Musk’s mind changed, but Musk somewhat curtailed his ‘anti’ policy against Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin adoption will resume if mining becomes more environmentally friendly”

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South African financial services company Sygnia’nın CEO’su Magda Wierzyckacriticized the policy followed by Elon Musk. Wierzycka, one of the richest names in South Africa, said that Musk should be examined. Cointelegraph, reporting these statements shared on Twitter. Seeing the post, Musk replied to the post to correct a mistake made in the news: “This is wrong. Tesla Bitcoin asset only sold about 10% and he did this to show that Bitcoin can be easily converted to cash without breaking the market. Bitcoin mining at least By providing a 50% cleaner energy use Tesla will start selling by accepting Bitcoin again.”

In March, when Tesla accepted Bitcoin, approximately He had 42 thousand Bitcoins. According to the rate given by Elon Musk, Tesla Sold 4,200 Bitcoins. In other words, the company currently has approximately 38 thousand Bitcoins. We will see over time what innovations can be made so that Bitcoin mining consumes less energy. Who knows, maybe Musk’s wishes will come true and the market will rise again with Bitcoin-praising tweets.