Tesla Model S Blows Up in Autopilot Mode (Video)


Last night, images recorded in the Russian capital Moscow, a Tesla Model S vehicle blown up while driving. Reports stated that the vehicle is in autopilot mode.

Tesla model vehicles are known to be very useful and eco-friendly. However, the lack of any fuel tank in vehicles and fully equipped with batteries poses a great danger. So much so that vehicles, such as a bomb can explode in case of accidents.

In an image shared by an Instagram user in Moscow, the Russian capital last night, a Tesla Model S explodes like a bomb while driving. The reports pointed out that the vehicle is in autopilot mode.

According to reports in the Russian media, the vehicle included Russian businessman Alexey Tretyakov and his two children. Business people and children who were seriously injured after the accident were transferred to the hospital urgently. The businessman had a concussion and a broken leg, while children were said to have suffered severe injuries to the spine and chest.

Russian sources mentioned the accident with these words: “Tesla was probably using autopilot mode and didn't recognize the tractor in front of him, then caught fire.”

Russian media said Zvezda said Russian police said Tesla Model S was in the autopilot during the accident. This is not the first explosion of Tesla vehicles in the autopilot. Previously, a Tesla car in China was blown up in the parking lot.

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Electric car maker Tesla said it was much safer to drive on the autopilot and that Tesla vehicles were much more difficult to ignite than other gas-powered cars. He even confirmed these claims with security reports.


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This explosion is not the first Tesla case. It seems necessary that the company should take the necessary measures and increase the security measures in the future model vehicles.

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