Tesla Owners Get New Horn Sounds with Update


Tesla has added new horn sounds with the special update released for the holiday season, which will give vehicle owners quite fun moments. Among these horn sounds were the sound of gas blowing and the sound of a goat.

Tesla car users received a new update for the holiday season yesterday evening. With this update, which is also shared by Elon Musk, Tesla owners are now horn sound They will be able to change it with some pretty funny voices. This is what comes with the update.Boombox“will be thanks to the mode.

In cars “ToyboxThe new feature that can be found under the section ” flatulence, clap and goat lets them change it with their voices. Moreover, the selected sound was played not only inside the vehicle but also by Tesla owners who have speakers outside the vehicle. can also be given outside the vehicle.

Custom sounds can also be loaded:


Moreover, the fun features of the new update are not limited to this. Tesla users driving the vehicle by pressing the horns of their vehicle or moving the vehicle with Summon what sound they want to make they can also adjust. Moreover, this sound, as well as the sounds offered to vehicle owners any desired sound can be

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