Tesla Showcased New Model 3 With An Airdrop Box


Tesla introduced the purple-colored Model 3 and Model X with PUBG design for the first time in its history. The company, which preferred an unusual way for these promotions, collaborated with Tencent Games. Within the scope of this collaboration, Model 3 was exhibited with an airdrop box in front of a shopping center.

One of the most important names in the electric motor car industry Teslais able to attract attention with its marketing strategies as well as the technical features and designs of the vehicles it releases. The company even introduces its vehicles by collaborating with different companies from time to time. Tesla, who now realizes such a situation, Chinaintroduced an impressive vehicle in.

Tesla, for the first time purple color has introduced a Model 3 and Model X. Model 3 was displayed in front of a shopping center in Shanghai. While everything seems to be normal up until now, Tesla is one of the largest game developers in the world. Tencent Games He preferred to showcase his new vehicle with the PUBG theme in cooperation with.

Here is the Tesla Model 3 on display with an airdrop box

Tesla Model 3

This collaboration between Tesla and Tencent Games is for both companies. important it must be said. Because with this kind of advertising, both Tencent Games and Tesla had the opportunity to make their voices heard by consumers in Shanghai. PUBG themed clothes The exhibition, which also includes wearing models, brought together fans of both PUBG and Tesla.


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Tesla Model X

Today, an international auto show in China “Chengdu Motor Show“The event started. Tesla also displayed its purple Model X within the scope of this event. The vehicle, which was also integrated with the PUBG theme, managed to attract the attention of PUBG fans in China. Meanwhile; PUBG in China”Game for Peace“Let’s say that it is called” Model X “on the Model X for this reason.

Tesla’s PUBG-themed Model 3 and Model X, Some in China At Tesla dealers Display. It is not, however, whether vehicles with this particular theme will be sold to consumers. Although the company uses these special designs mostly for marketing purposes, it can sell the tools that have these designs to the consumers who wish. This situation in the following periods clarified it will be.

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