Tesla: Superchargers load with more power

More charging power: Tesla drivers in Europe can charge more power on certain superchargers. The charging stations have 150 kilowatts (kW) available. Before, it was 120 kW.

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That's true of the Generation V2 superchargers, which make up the majority of some 500 locations in Europe. Even the older superchargers should get more power: The theoretical charging power should be raised to 138 kW, according to Tesla.

The high performance can, according to Tesla "all new models of the Model S and Model X series" and use the Model 3 variants Performance and Maximum range. However, whether a vehicle can charge at full capacity depends on various factors: the size of the battery, its age, the charge level or the climatic conditions.

From the end of the year, Tesla wants to set up Supercharger Generation V3. The top variants of the Model 3 with up to 250 kW load it. Due to the higher performance, the charging time is shortened or – with the same charging time – more range is achieved.

In the US, the Bargersville Police Department in Indiana is switching its vehicle fleet to Model 3. The driving performance meets the requirements. But the operating costs are significantly lower than those of the previously used Dodge Charger.

Meanwhile Tesla announcedthat the interior of the Model 3 will no longer contain leather in the future. In doing so, the company is reacting to demands from animal rights activists. This should also apply to the upcoming vehicle, the Model Y.