Tesla Works on Battery with a Range of 1000 km

Tesla’s billionaire CEO Elon Musk said in a speech at a conference that more compact models could be produced for Europe. Musk also stated that they are working on a battery that provides a range of 1000 km.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who likes to come up with his statements, is in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Tesla Model X He said that it was very difficult to park the vehicle while driving and stated that a more compact model could be produced for the European market.

Musk at a conference held on Tuesday “In Europe, it makes more sense to build a compact car, maybe a hatchback or something like that. If you’re trying to park in a busy urban environment, it’s important to have a car that can fit in parking lots. he said, and in a proper struggling to find parking space expressed.

Battery providing 1000 km range from Tesla

tesla model x

Elon Musk said that Tesla can agree with designers and engineers in Europe, and they also plan to produce batteries in addition to vehicles. Musk stated that their vehicles with the longest range can travel over 600 km, but they can do much more. Famous CEO, 1000 km range He said that a battery is also under development.

According to the news in Business Insider, there is a lot of distance that Tesla has to go to increase its battery life and range and cannot be overcome alone. Musk, for example, was using raw battery materials earlier this year. very high cost He stated that he was.


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Among the models that the famous electric car manufacturer Tesla has released so far, there is only one vehicle that can exceed a range of 600 km: Tesla Model S. According to the information on the company’s website, Model S offers its user a range of 652 km. Model Y from other models, 505 km; Model X offers a range of 561 km and Model 3, 580 km.

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