Tesla's Autopilot System, which saw the cyclist, was activated


Tesla's Autopilot system, whose name was sometimes involved in accidents, prevented a possible accident this time. The video shared by a YouTube user revealed the work of Otopilot, who noticed the roadside bike.

One of the Tesla vehicles that came to the agenda with accidents in the Autopilot mode recently, He had an accident while in autopilot mode and the driver died. After this accident in Silicon Valley, the researchers confirmed that the car driver was playing on the phone during the accident.

In a new image that appears Tesla's Autopilot featurereported a cyclist going off the road to the driver of the vehicle. The image shared by a YouTube user reveals the remarkable progress of Elon Musk's company driver support software.

Tesla's Autopilot system noticed the bike rider:

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The system in Tesla, as soon as he sees the bike rider he brought the vehicle closer to the middle of the road. Meanwhile, an alarm sound was heard. The presence of the cyclist also reflected on the screen inside the vehicle. However, although Tesla's Autopilot system reveals a successful working system, it would not be wrong to say that there is no change in people's view of autonomous vehicles because accidents involving autonomous vehicles are a factor that increases concern.

We know that while driving a few seconds of carelessness can invite large scale accidents. Accidents can result in death as well as financial loss. In this case, Tesla's camera system, which we can call two extra eyes, provides a safer ride. The Tesla driver in question noted that the update on the vehicle is the 2020.12.6 version, in the note below the video.


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While the accidents involving Tesla were standing on one side, his income is also a matter of curiosity. Announcing the financial results for the first quarter of 2020, the company stated that the total revenue was $ 5.985 billion, while the company closed the January / March period with a profit of $ 16 million.

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