Tesla’s “Good” Drivers (FSD) Will Have Access To Its Software


American car company Tesla has announced that it has a new update about its autonomous driving software. According to Elon Musk’s statement, drivers who are considered good by the company will be able to use the self-driving system.

Developments in electric vehicle production in recent years have accelerated the production of autonomous cars. giant car company Tesla’s self-driving automobile studies were frequently on the agenda.

CEO of the company Elon Musk, with a statement made on Friday, has been opened to the use of only about 2000 people so far, Full Self-Driving Announced the release of an updated version of the beta software.

Good Drivers Will Be able to Use FSD Software

Tesla autonomous vehicle

According to the latest statement by Elon Musk, Tesla offers its users a 7 day test As a result, Full Self-Driving software promises. “Good” drivers, whose driving performance has been tested for a week, will be able to use this software. The fact that Musk has strengthened the perception that Tesla is a self-driving design to date, Tesla in the world by far most valuable car manufacturer it was quite effective.

Musk first revealed his plan to sell FSD for autonomous driving at a tech conference in October 2016. as a solved problem He announced it after he announced what he saw. In April 2019, Tesla suggested that technology would advance so far that drivers would not need to pay attention. However, in March of this year, Tesla announced that it was canceling the FSD Beta due to drivers not paying enough attention to the road. In the press release on Friday, it was announced that selected users can have this software. The company’s performance good If the user sees full self-driving system You will have access to the beta version. Tesla said that this system, called FSD, can be used on both short and long distance journeys. without driver intervention It says it’s designed to be used without any problems. However, the authorities inconsistent He is very worried about his statements.


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Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, which investigates auto accidents in the United States Jennifer Homendy, “Tesla or any other company, it’s their job to be honest about what their technology does and doesn’t do” said. Homendy, Tesla “Full Self Driving” the term misleading and irresponsible described as. That this system is ready to be used by more drivers on public roads that you are worried stressed.

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