Tesla's New Update Reduces Driving Time


Tesla's software update for 2015 and older X and S models has shortened driving time for some users.

Owners of Tesla Model S and X complain about shorter battery life and driving time since the latest update to their vehicle. This is probably one of the scariest aspects of having smart gadgets because the car is constantly getting new updates, and some of these updates can be a nuisance.


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According to Elecrek, Tesla owners report a reduction in driving distance between 19 and 48 km. The vehicles experiencing this shortage are reported to be the Model S and X, produced before 2016, with a 85 kWh battery. The names of the updates that cause problems are 2019.16.1 and 2019.16.2.


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Tesla told Electrek that there was no problem with the updates, and that the aim of the update was to 'protect the battery and extend battery life', but the company said it was working on a new update to address some of the problems that some users have experienced.