Tests for 'Incognito Mode' for Google Maps

Google has previously announced that it will also be involved in the Maps application to give users the option to protect their privacy. In this context, Google Chrome 'Hidden Mode', Google Maps would also come. Testing of the new feature, which is not known when it will be released, has been started by a user group.

In recent months, we've informed you that Google Maps will have the ‘hidden window’ feature available in Google Chrome. Months have passed since its announcement, and finally in mid-September the new feature has begun to reach the end user.

The incognito mode for Google Maps will be released for review by a preview community of selected people who have the opportunity to test new features first. So we can say that the new feature of Maps application will meet all users very soon.

google maps

The main purpose of introducing the new feature is to pave the way for the user to protect his / her privacy. Like Google Chrome, you can search by enabling incognito mode if you don't want places you search on Google Maps to sign up for your Google account.

google maps incognito mode

You can see how easy it is to use the feature in a video that Google previously shared when we announced it, which gives us a preview. If you want an anonymous search of where you want to go, all you have to do is click on your profile picture and hit Aç Turn on Hidden Mode ’. No searches will be recorded by Google after this process.


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The new feature has not yet been announced. However, as we said, the fact that the feature is being tested in the test group gives us the signal that we will be able to achieve this feature soon.