#TGIQF – The big quiz about Easter Eggs – Version 2021


In the operating system, in games, in source codes and in search engines, Easter eggs are the numerous small proofs that only nerds sit in front of the developer kit. And like their Easter namesake, they are sometimes not that easy to find. Some Easter eggs take decades to find. But more are discovered every day.

We have created a large quiz for you, consisting of 16 questions about Easter eggs, so that you can start the weekend in a worthy way. Thematically a colorful Easter basket of games, operating systems, nerf facts and Google Easter gags. One or the other surprise will be found there.

We wish you a nice long weekend and a happy Easter. Get through the holidays safely and stay healthy! Have fun taking the quizzes!

The watch is relentless in the fight for the right answers, but as always rewards quick decisions with more points. In total, you can earn a whopping 320 points in 16 questions! Please keep the correct answers to yourself so that the others can also enjoy the puzzle. But you can also share your achieved score, praise or criticism as usual in the heiseforum, or at Twitter and up Facebook share under #tgiqf.


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