#TGIQF: The quiz about the history of Playstation and Xbox

The course for the future will be set in November 2020. Almost as important for gamers as the almost simultaneous decision about the highly competitive job in the White House is the release of the new Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

While the first Playstation was still fighting with Nintendo, Sega and many other manufacturers, since the second generation only the Xbox has been technically at eye level. For two decades now, Microsoft and Sony have been fighting for the crown in the field of high-end gaming consoles.

In today’s quiz, not only knowledge of the games or the technology is required – some historical milestones and some anecdotal knowledge are also required in order to start the quiz before the weekend well prepared! The latest articles on Playstation vs. Xbox and also a look at the current coverage of the Xbox Series X / S and the Playstation.

So upgrade the latest information via the Friday Day One patch and then start quizzing!

The watch is relentless in the fight for the right answers, but as always rewards quick decisions with more points. In total, you can earn a whopping 300 points in 15 questions! Please keep the correct answers to yourself so that the others can also enjoy the puzzle. You can, however, like to post your score, praise or criticism in the forum as usual Twitter and up Facebook share under #tgiqf. In addition, it is always worthwhile to join us Instagram to visit.

Thanks for all the quiz tips from the community so far! As always, the quiz master is happy to receive an email if you have an idea for a great quiz.


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