The Amount of Carbon Dioxide Was Responsible for the Ice Age


Today, the biggest cause of global warming is greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. A new study has revealed that ‘not enough release’ of carbon dioxide also affects the climate of the planet.

Climate change is the cause of many extraordinary natural events that we have encountered recently. The biggest reason for the climate change is the emitted into the atmosphere. increased amount of greenhouse gases. The more greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are emitted on the planet, the warmer our globe gets, which brings climate change with it.

This is one of the biggest challenges facing our species as humans. Because as the planet continues to warm, we have an idea of ​​the damage that the landscape we will face can do to our species. What we’re trying to do is reduce the carbon dioxide emitted to keep the globe from warming. While all this is on the agenda, a new research has revealed that the ‘more than necessary reduction’ in carbon dioxide emissions causes a completely different global crisis; ice age.

Carbon dioxide is responsible for the ice age that started 34 million years ago:

A new study published in the journal Nature Geoscience according to the article, the cause of the ice age, which started 34 million years ago and covered the lush green lands of the Earth with ice, decreased amount of carbon dioxide.

During this time, known as the Eocene Oligocene transition, the average temperature of the earth 3 degrees in 300,000 years decreased. It was discovered that the decreasing amount of carbon dioxide was effective in the source of this change, which seemed insignificant for us but was considered as a serious decrease that took place in a very short time in terms of geology.

The data obtained as a result of the studies carried out and the climate models made, date back to 34 million years ago. green lands like Antarctica, covered with rainforests ‘suddenly’ revealed why it was covered by glaciers. Until now, it was not known exactly what caused the cooling during this transitional period.


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The result also proved once again how much the amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases affect the climate. Nowadays, we are all witnessing the consequences of ‘small’ temperature increases on our planet. David Naafs, who is part of the research team and is the co-author of the article, is in the change of the Earth. that carbon dioxide is ‘in the driver’s seat’ says.

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