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Attention online retailers, e-commerce agencies and e-commerce service providers: The application phase for the 13th Shop Usability Award will start on July 1, 2020. Online shops can open until September 30, 2020 Sign in. The Shop Usability Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the online retail industry in German-speaking countries and honors the most user-friendly online shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The nomination process takes place again this year through the UX Design Community instead of. Voices can be collected for three months, the best five shops in each category are automatically nominated for the award. The final decision is made by a top-class jury of 25 e-commerce experts. The winners will be announced on October 23, 2020.

Shop Usability Award 2020: Award for online shops

The Shop Usability Award is an initiative of Shoplupe GmbH, The main sponsor of the award is the fintech company Heidelpay. The Shop Usability Award, initiated by the Shoplupe agency, has been given to particularly successful online shops that are outstanding in terms of their user-friendliness since 2008. Johannes Altmann, initiator of the Shop Usability Award, explains: “This year, too, the focus will be on shops that are holistically geared towards the user and offer an outstanding user experience”.

This year, the award will be presented in 13 categories, including B2B, fashion, sport & outdoor or leisure, hobby & pet. The three special categories “Social Projects”, “Small Business” and “Best Brand Shop” highlight shops that want to convince outside the typical product group. The organizer expects 800 entries this year.

Opinion on online community

Since last year, the participating shops have had more than 3,000 members community rated according to the criteria of design, usability, creativity and storytelling. Shop operators, agencies or software service providers can either use or directly via the platform register for the award. Registration costs 99 euros. Community reviews between July and September
submitted automatically count towards participation in the Shop Usability Award.

The five shops that were rated best by the community in each category during this period are nominated for the Shop Usability Award 2020. A top-class jury then determines the top three winners in each category. After the application phase, the shop remains on the platform – so shops can also receive feedback from the UXme community beyond the award. Interested parties who only want to rate shops can register as a member free of charge.

Top-class jury made up of well-known e-commerce experts

The Shop Usability Award is known for its high credibility and absolute neutrality.
Well-known personalities from the e-commerce industry form the jury for the award, thereby guaranteeing a high level of expertise and professionalism in evaluating and selecting the best shops. The jury is made up of 25 experts, including Jochen G. Fuchs from t3n, Daniela Zimmer from Internet World Business, Martin Groß-Albenhausen from bevh and the board members and managing directors of the leading shop software solutions. The jury evaluates the nominated shops for each category and thus has the final vote on the winners of the individual categories.

Heidelpay is the new main sponsor

For the first time this year, the fintech company Heidelpay is the main sponsor of the shop
Usability Awards 2020. Sebastian Gebele, Director Product Management at Heidelpay, says: “The
Shop Usability Award is really an institution in German-language e-commerce. We from
Heidelpay are very happy to be the new main sponsor and are excited about this year’s

The most important thing about the Shop Usability Award 2020

The winners of the award will be held on October 23, 2020 in a festive gala at Lake Tegernsee
awarded. Only 50 guests are expected to attend the exclusive gala this year due to Corona