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That since 2017 of Refresh The software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool developed by the company gives banks and other lenders real-time insight into their borrowers’ inventories. At the same time, it links the stocks with current market values ​​and thus determines the value of a warehouse in real time. This means that lenders are given more transparency, can borrow on inventories as reliable collateral and reduce their risk costs. Entrepreneurs can deposit their working capital in the warehouses as their own security for loans and reduce loan costs.

Company cooperation after years of cooperation in customer projects

Thanks to the corporate cooperation with Auxiga Labest can now open up new markets such as France, Benelux, Great Britain and Ireland in addition to Germany and Austria. For more than 50 years, Auxiga International, as a service partner for banks, has enabled stocks to be used as loan security. Thanks to their expertise in on-site inventory control (floor checking), thousands of companies receive access to additional liquidity every year. The group is considered the market leader in France and Belgium. In May, Auxiga expands to Great Britain with the acquisition of the British Vehicle & Asset Solutions LtD (VAS). Before that, the two companies had worked closely together on customer projects for over four years.

“With Labest we can now expand our extensive range of warehouse monitoring services in an innovative and digital way for the benefit of our corporate customers and banking partners in all industries and countries that we serve,” says Arben Bora, CEO of Auxiga International. “We were particularly impressed by the digital market pricing and the comprehensive interactive risk analysis options.”

“Auxiga International is the perfect partner for us. With many years of international expertise in the field of warehouse monitoring, we can generate considerable synergies in joint business for all of Europe through the additional use of our digital solution, ”confirms Dirk Piethe, Co-Managing Director of Labest Online GmbH. Co-Managing Director Stefan Franke adds: “In the run-up to the corporate cooperation, we expanded our SaaS offer to include multilingualism. In this way we can quickly open up other markets. In addition, we are continuously expanding our functions in order to be able to serve a wide variety of industries from the areas of production, trade and logistics internationally.

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