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The concept for an ambitious company and its product stands on solid feet? Then it is important to consider how the offer can best be staged – regardless of whether it is photos of the range for the website or impeccable presentation for advertising purposes of any kind. The product should be allowed to show itself from its best side, as the first impression is extremely important to many customers. The fact is: the right product photography and thus the best possible product presentation can minimize the return rate.

Product photography: commission or DIY

When it comes to product photos, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that they are created by professional companies. There are many local photo studios with suitable online offers and references. It is important to agree in detail and to have a clear idea of ​​what is desired. The basic knowledge mentioned in this article can already provide important framework conditions.

For entrepreneurs who already have some experience in the field of photography or who would like to acquire it, it can also be an advantage to set up their own small photo studio. Especially in order to be able to run current and high-quality social media content again and again. There will be enough space and the right equipment needed. A good SLR camera is essential. You should also find a room with enough space to set up a tripod. This is the prerequisite for sharp images with long exposure times. Other utensils also help to ensure optimal lighting conditions.

Product photographySource: by Randy Fath

How should the product be presented?

First of all, everyone should think about how the product should be presented and which way is most suitable for the respective needs. There are different options and one or the other is better suited for each trade item. The following categories are suitable in most cases.

Packshots: depict the product with packaging

Packshots are the traditional photography of a product in its packaging. This conveys a neutral image, which is best suited for the first presentation in the online shop. In most cases, a plain, single-color background is used for this.

Product photographySource: by Alexander Rotker

The advanced method is that Photography in front of a green or blue screen. This allows the background for one and the same photo to be changed as desired, in order to take a better picture in an external online store, if necessary. Depending on the product, it can also be placed in a suitable environment, as long as the focus naturally remains on the article. In principle, however, this usually falls into the next category.

Context and mood recordings of the product

It makes perfect sense to then present the coffee beans offered in the packshot as an appealing and prepared product. This not only brings the potential buyer closer to packaging, but also directly to the resulting feeling and mood of consuming.

Food photographySource: by Jason Wong

This type of product photo can be presented as one of the other representations in the picture gallery for an item in the online shop. The focus on the product is still important here. Be it in the packaged state or further processed: Care should be taken to ensure that the picture remains calm. In the best case, some decoration can help to create the desired mood and atmosphere in the picture.

Show product in action

In the next step, the advertised article should be seen in action. Customers would like to get a rough idea of ​​how the product fits into their everyday life. One or more models are often used to help create the required dynamics in a photo.

Product in actionSource: by QuickOrder

Of course, in most cases the dimensions are in the description of an item, but it helps enormously to get a better idea of ​​the size of the product when someone holds it in the hand. Familiar objects can also help to put the size in relation.

Special features of product photography

The categories described so far provide a solid basis for the presentation of a desired article. However, every prospective online shop operator should be aware that selected products of course always require an individual concept and a special approach. In every branch there are different peculiarities and details that have to be considered in order to achieve the best possible result in product photography. We use two examples to show what this can look like.

Photograph clothes and accessories correctly

In textile and jewelery photography, the basics of mood and action shots are particularly important. Here in particular, it pays off for branding if the desired feeling of your own brand is captured and conveyed with the photos.

The right model and the perfect environment make a significant contribution to attracting the attention of the targeted customers. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the advertised product is in focus and that other items of clothing fit in aesthetically into the overall picture, but not too distracting.

Product photographySource: by Maxwell Nelson

The example image clearly shows that color grading and focus draws attention to the model’s hat. In most cases it is advisable to indicate the size of the model and the textiles worn in the product description. Tip: If you prefer a neutral and simple presentation of your clothing, you can also use the “Hollow-Man” method. For this, a possible outfit is laid out as if the person wearing it had been retouched from the picture.

Photograph food properly

Photographing tasty dishes is a category of its own. The point here is to make the foods shown look as tasty as possible. Ironically, this usually works best when the product shown is in fact no longer consumable or it may never have been. by Joseph GonzalezSource: by Joseph Gonzalez

The ingredients should always be presented cold, as in this case cheese cannot melt or a bread roll can become saturated with fat. If you can invest even more budget, you should use synthetic replicas of the product made of plastic, as these usually look better in photos. However, many photographers are experienced and also resort to inexpensive alternatives. For example, ice cream can be replaced with colored mashed potatoes in the waffle, as it does not melt in the hot spotlight of the photo studio.

More and more relevant in product photography: social media

Nowadays you don’t necessarily have to compete for attention on the largest billboards or the most popular websites with the most expensive advertising photos. It often just helps if the Place advertising on various social media channels. Instagram is particularly suitable here, as it is gaining more and more influence – and is characterized by its special focus on image content. #

InstagramSource: by NeONBRAND

You advertise on these platforms most successfully if you adapt to their aesthetics and this is mostly based on authenticity: It should not be too impersonal. Many providers leave the staging entirely to influencers, who in most cases know exactly how to present a product to their followers in an effective way.

Traditional advertising can now also be placed on Instagram, including a link to the online store. The aforementioned basic knowledge of product photography is used for these advertisements, only in the smaller format of the smartphone display. Then photos can also be taken with the camera out of your pocket, but it is not difficult to achieve a certain level of professionalism at home.

With the basic tips presented here, your own products can already be optimally presented in order to attract the greatest possible attention for the company and your own webshop.