The Chip Crisis Started to Impact the Used Car Market


The technology and automotive industry has long been experiencing a massive crisis over chip supply. Many automobile giants announced that they stopped production due to the lack of chips, and the inability to launch zero kilometer cars began to affect the second-hand car market.

The crisis in chip production due to the pandemic continues to affect the automotive industry deeply. Many automobile giants, including Stellantis, have announced that they will pause production for a while. while explainingBrands such as Ford Otosan, Renault, TofaƟ and Honda, which also have factories in Turkey, were other brands that joined this caravan due to chip supply.

The problem in the supply of chips is expected to reflect negatively on the prices of second-hand cars, and according to the data shared by, most car advertisements generally belong to brands that have chip supply. According to the announced data, the demand for users who want to buy second-hand cars is also increasing for brands that pause production.

Second hand prices of models with chip supply are expected to increase even more.

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The chip crisis in the automotive industry has become one of the problems that directly affect production. Since the zero kilometer vehicle cannot leave the factories, the second-hand prices of the same model, just like at the beginning of the pandemic. approaching, or even surpassing, the zero price started.

Drivers who have problems in production and models with high mileage, to dispose of quickly began to take advantage of this crisis. This results in an increase in the advertisements of only discontinued models in the second-hand car market and who could not find the zero of the model he wanted This caused buyers to mostly turn to these models.

According to the data announced by, the vehicle brands with the most ads are Renault, Fiat, Volkswagen, Ford, Opel, Hyundai, Peugeot, Toyota, Citroen and Honda. Although the cars that were announced second-hand during the closure process have been on hold for a long time, second-hand sales are expected to increase again with the increase in the number of people going on vacation with the end of the restriction as of June 1.