The Complete Story of the Resident Evil Universe from Past to Present


The Resident Evil game series, of which those who played the first game when they were young, have grandchildren today, continues at full speed. The story of this action-packed series, where you play by feeling the fear to your bones, can be a little confusing. We have told the Resident Evil story for you in chronological game release order.

We first met when the dates showed 1996. Resident Evil with the game. This horror-filled survival game had a story that was original for that time and legendary for today. Then the game turned into a series and more than 20 games have been presented, including remakes, to date. Resident Evil story Although it gets better with each game, we can talk about 8 games that basically provide the editing.

Resident Evil You don’t have to know the whole story or start from the first game to play. However, at least knowing how the universe of the game was formed and mastering the history of some characters will allow you to have a much more enjoyable game experience. Let’s grow together To the story of the Resident Evil game series Let’s take a closer look at the chronological game release order.

Resident Evil story:

Resident Evil 1 – 1996

resident evil 1

In July 1998, a series of cannibal killings began in Raccoon City. Tracing the source of the murders to the Arklay mountains When Bravo team’s helicopter crashes, Alpha team is sent to the area. However, the first thing the team encounters here will be wild dogs. Panicked, the helicopter pilot quickly leaves the scene and the team is left alone.

The team quickly escapes and hides in an abandoned mansion. Here, however, they encounter zombies who illuminate the cannibal killings. Although dozens of bullets hit dies only when shot in the head. While walking around the mansion, they find the last surviving member of the Bravo team in a secret laboratory under the mansion. Here they discover the secret of the virus that turns people into zombies.

Former Umbrella company employee, one of the inventors of the virus The team that faced Albert Wesker, They learn that the virus was spread by accident. Wesker is not alone and a great battle ensues between the team and the monsters. The team, which flew away with the helicopter that came to save them, is aware that everything has just begun.

Resident Evil 2 – 1998

resident evil 2

Two months after the events of the first game, a man named Leon and a woman named Claire meet in Raccoon City, which is now completely infested with zombies. Leon is a new cop, and Claire is a civilian who has come looking for her brother Chris. Seeing that even the police station is occupied by disgusting creatures, they decide to flee.

our couple, that it’s all Umbrella company’s fault and they learn that they accidentally spread the virus all over the city when they wanted to sell the virus to the army. Although their paths diverge at some point and meet different people and find themselves in the middle of a war with the creatures, the two of us eventually meet again at the NEST facility.

This resort is a place where many things begin but nothing is resolved. Everything gets worse and they finally decide to blow up the plant. Those who managed to escape at the last moment only Leon, Claire, and the orphan they find on the road, Sherry. Now they have a purpose; survive and completely destroy the Umbrella company.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis – 1999

resident evil 3

In Resident Evil 3, we go before the second game and see how Raccoon City has come to be. The stories are true, somehow the virus accidentally spread to the city. But Umbrella company is not that upset about it and Nemesis, an almost impossible to kill monster roams the city.

Investigating the events, Jill is our hero, who struggles with Nemesis throughout the game. Along with his friends, he fights with Nemesis throughout the story and finally manages to destroy him somehow. Finally we move on to the time after the second game and Because Raccoon City is now unrecoverable is destroyed. Surviving the explosion at the last moment, Jill and her friend Carlos swear a vengeance.

Resident Evil 4 – 2005

resident evil 4

Raccoon City is destroyed, the Umbrella company is gone, Leon becomes a special agent. His mission is to go to Spain. To save the president’s kidnapped daughter. She meets a man named Luis after being attacked by the members of the organization she meets there. With his help, he finds the president’s daughter, Ashley. However, the leader of the organization injected the girl with a virus. They somehow escape from the hands of the organization.

While searching for a cure for Ashley, they find out that Luis is actually working for the organization when they enter into different struggles, and Ashley is again kidnapped and taken to an island. To the island guarded by the terrible beast Leon manages to infiltrate somehow, saves the girl and blows up the island.

Resident Evil 5 – 2009

resident evil 5

After Umbrella disappeared, an organization called BSAA was established so that the same events would not happen again, and Jill and Chris started to work here. actually at this time the virus is not for making money, They learn that it was developed to create a superhuman race that would turn its creator, Albert Wesker, into a god. After the war with Albert Wesker, he is declared dead even if the body is not found.

Later, Chris and Jill destroy another planned apocalyptic project in Africa. As a result of intense conflicts, they take shelter in a cave and discover an ancient city there. Umbrella has its origins here. Here is a new virus called Extella. Albert Wesker, who is not really dead and the new virus is destroyed here by Chris. Eventually the last remnants of Umbrella were destroyed.

Resident Evil 6 – 2012

resident evil 6

Although Albert Wesker was killed, his son, Jake Muller, is still alive and finds himself in the South Slavic region. He founded an organization called the Freedom Army. Ada Wong, meanwhile, injected all of Chris’s men into creatures and left him alone. Meanwhile, there are people who are plotting to kill the US president.

Resident Evil 6 is based on 4 different stories that intersect at different points. After intense battles and Nemesis-like monsters killed While Chris continues his work Jake Muller finds a cure, but no one knows about his bond with his father. Leon, on the other hand, is acquitted and acquitted of all the cases he is accused of in this process.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – 2017

resident evil 7

Here we come across a new hero named Ethan Winters who thinks his wife is dead. Finding himself in an unfamiliar house, Ethan begins to fight the monsters he encounters. Although he somehow escapes from here, he begins to hallucinate. He finally finds his wife Mia and it saves. While trying to get on a boat and escape, they realize that Mia actually has a virus, and this virus infects everyone in a short time.

Ethan escapes with his last strength and escapes. He finally decides to eliminate the developer of the virus and confronts him. Ethan gives her a does not die when injecting virus even turns into a much more frightening creature. Ethan is unable to destroy it, but he is saved when a helicopter comes to his aid. The one who saved him is Umbrella Blue, which was founded to erase the memory of the Umbrella company.

Resident Evil 8: Evil Village – 2021

resident evil 8

Ethan and Mia have recovered and have a baby. by Umbrella Blue led by Chris when their houses are pressed, they cannot make sense of it. Ethan finds himself in a country house in Eastern Europe. Now all he wants to do is save his family. You can find the detailed review of the Resident Evil 8: Evil Village game here.

We told the story of the Resident Evil game, which locked us all in front of the keyboard with its gripping story for years. Such a broad story. It is not possible to describe in all details. however, these are the details you need to know before starting the game.