The Cost of the Microchip Crisis to the Automotive Industry Explained


Haydar Yenigün, Chairman of the Automotive Industry Association (OSD), explained the cost of the microchip crisis, which affects almost every sector, to the automotive industry. According to Yenigün, the automotive industry lost 110 billion dollars due to the chip crisis.

Haydar Yenigün, Chairman of the Automotive Industry Association (OSD), made statements regarding the agenda. In the statements made by Yenigün, the automotive production sector in Turkey starting to recoverUnfortunately, the microchip production crisis that affected the world, where the data of 2021 is going well, will unfortunately continue for a while. will continue expressed.

According to the statements made by Haydar Yenigün, vehicle production in Turkey will increase in the first 6 months of 2021. 669 thousand 409 units recorded as. Stating that the growth in the sector will continue for at least 3-4 more years, OSD chairman of the board said that this will be beneficial for the Turkish economy. is positive says. However, for the process to get better, the microchip crisis needs to be healed as soon as possible.

The number of vehicles that could not be produced due to the microchip crisis is 4.9 million

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Haydar Yenigün also shared the data they received from companies that prepare international reports. Stating that these data are not very encouraging, Yenigün said, crisis will continue in the short and medium term. stated. According to the prepared reports, the number of vehicles that could not be produced only this year due to the microchip crisis. around 4 million 940 thousand Haydar Yenigün said that the cost of the crisis to the world automotive industry is 110 billion dollars declared that. As the crisis continues, the cost will deepen.


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According to Yenigün, Chairman of the Automotive Industry Association (OSD), Turkey has another important problem. Europe has been talking about carbon-free production Stating that the issue is still not on the agenda in Turkey, Yenigün said that as soon as possible, action must be taken says. Because, according to the statements, Europe will stop doing business with businesses that cannot provide zero carbon during production, and this will affect the automotive industry in Turkey. will shake.