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Vulnerabilities lurk everywhere and in many forms. Be it the password that you use for anything and everything, the ancient unpatched WiFi router or the smartphone without a PIN. Such gateways make it easy for attackers to steal data. It is not only about private or intimate data, but also about data with which you can cause real economic damage.

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The c’t security checklists explain how to fix such gaps. This time, a few of the authors are in the c’t uplink and tell us where there are often problems with security.

Ronald Eikenberg is one of the great security specialists at c’t. He does a lot of security bug reporting and has found a few. He knows how to protect yourself in everyday life.

There are also gaps on the way. Sylvester Tremmel knows all about this and gives tips on securing smartphones and apps.

Jan Mahn advises companies to carry out regular safety tests and training for their employees. In his opinion, however, these should be constructive and not happen with a raised index finger.

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