The Design of the Excitedly Awaited Galaxy S22 Revealed

With leaks and rumors for Samsung’s design, the design of the highly anticipated phone Galaxy S22 Ultra has emerged. According to the images, the design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is almost the same as the images that have been leaked so far.

It has been at the top for years among smartphones with Android operating system. Samsungattracts attention with every new model and device it produces. Samsung, which has made a sound with the foldable phone model it has produced, continues its successful progress in the models it has produced and continued for years.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra There are many claims about it and many leaks especially for its design. Although the Galaxy S22 Ultra will not be included in the Note series, S Pen We have stated in our previous news that it may have claims. In a new photo that has emerged, the Galaxy S22 Ultra design appears to have an S Pen and the design has curved edges.

A curved and thick design

Galaxy S22 Ultra

For many years, it has been talked about that Samsung will combine the Galaxy Note series and Galaxy S series, and that it will bring S Pen support to many of its flagship models. In the claims that have emerged in the past months, it has been stated that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will not be included in the Note series. According to real photos revealed and verified by Front Page Tech, Galaxy S22 Ultra has S Pen support. Also by typing “closed screen” as in the Note series of this model quick note taking is considered to be supported.

Galaxy S22 Ultra

According to the images on the phone with warnings such as “confidential” and “do not leak information”, the model’s curved edges and a bold design appears to have. In terms of size, it is in sizes that can be easily held in the hand. On the back of the device, it is clear that there is a camera sensor and lens arrangement similar to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Did you like the design?

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Galaxy S22 Ultra


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