The Domestic Crypto Money Exchange, Sistemkoin, Has Not Been Achieved For 2 Months


A new one has been added to the domestic crypto money exchanges, whose name is involved in fraud claims. While the users of Sistemkoin, which has not been accessed for 2 months and claimed to be under maintenance, are expressing their complaints, developments regarding the site owners are expected.

One of the domestic cryptocurrency exchanges has become more inaccessible. After Thodex, which has not been on the agenda in recent days, Sistemkoin It turned out that the same problems arose on the site named. The presence of statements similar to those of other stock exchanges on Sistemkoin’s website made users nervous.

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies all over the world, dozens of crypto currency exchange was starting to serve. which made the country the world’s most crypto invest money that many people in Turkey have invested in different amounts on newly opened stock exchanges. Then, the stock markets, which broke out one after another, came to the fore with allegations of fraud and theft. With the raids on offices, investigations and the fleeing of Thodex’s founder abroad, similar news began to come from a stock exchange.

Unable to access for 2 months



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GoldexCoin, VeBitcoin and Thodex’ten Then it turned out that Sistemkoin also created a problem with access. On the site that has not been accessible for 2 months A statement published to ‘inform’ users drew attention. In the statement, “Our website is temporarily down due to an unplanned and mandatory server update. We will be at your service again as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding” statements took place.

Just today, one of VeBitcoin’s executives and employees 4 people were detained; Company CEO İlker Baş received citizenship from Montenegro 2 years ago appeared. As in other stock exchanges, we will expect to hear from Sistemkoin in the coming days.

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