The First Foundation of Kanal Istanbul Was Laid: Here are the Details


The first foundation of the Kanal Istanbul project was laid today with the participation of President Erdogan. Erdogan made important statements at the ceremony. It has been announced that the channel is aimed to be built in 6 years with a cost of 15 billion dollars.

The first foundation of Kanal Istanbul, which is the most discussed project in our country recently, was laid today. Groundbreaking ceremony for the first bridge to be built on the canal, With the participation of President Erdogan carried out. President Erdoğan shared important information about the channel at the ceremony.

During his speech for Kanal Istanbul “Today we are opening a new page in Turkey’s development history” Erdogan, using the expressions of the Bosphorus, said that an average of 3 thousand ships passed through the Bosphorus in the 1930s, and today this number is higher. reached 45 thousand stated. Stating that ships passing through the Bosphorus can have a length of up to 350 meters, Erdoğan said that this situation means a serious risk for the city.

Dimensions of the channel:

canal istanbul

Erdogan, Kanal Istanbul 45 kilometers in length, base at least 275 meters of width and 21 meters deep announced as determined. Then over the Canal 6 bridges He stated that it will be built and the first one is the bridge whose foundation was laid today. He also stated that the infrastructure of many facilities, from natural gas to electricity, has been prepared.

“It will be the most environmentally friendly project in the world”

While the impact of Kanal Istanbul on the environment continues to be discussed, President Erdoğan announced that the Canal will be implemented as the world’s most environmentally friendly project. Erdogan, EIA reports He said that the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization can give it. (Currently available for download from the project website.)

It is targeted to be completed at a cost of $15 billion:

istanbul canal

In his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony, President Erdoğan said that they look at Kanal Istanbul as a project to save the future of Istanbul and said that the project at a cost of $15 billion, He announced that it is aimed to be completed in 6 years.

“Canal Istanbul” can be obtained from the website.Kanal Istanbul in 50 Questions‘, it is stated that the construction cost of Kanal Istanbul 75 billion TL specified as foreseen.

The website of Kanal Istanbul is opened:

Presidential Communications Director, Fahrettin Altun, made a speech about the Kanal Istanbul project. the site announced. “ site, which can be accessed from the link “, offers information about Kanal Istanbul.