The First Trailer of The Witcher Season 2 Has Arrived


Today is a very busy day for The Witcher fans. First, the release date of the new season of the series was announced, and now the first trailer from the second season has been released.

It started broadcasting on Netflix screens in late 2019. The Witcher, has managed to stay on the agenda since the day it was published. Although its first season has just been broadcast, the production, which has captured the hearts of the audience with this single season, has been constantly coming up with new gossip, especially for the last year.

The long wait, which has lasted from the first season until today, finally came to an end today in the evening, and Netflix announced that the second season of the series 17 December will be published on had announced. While Witcher fans continue to enjoy this news, they are now enjoying the highly anticipated new season of the series. first trailer came.

The Witcher: Season 2 Trailer | Turkish subtitles

Held in partnership with CD PROJEKT RED and Netflix WitcherCon Details from the new season of the series continue to come at the event. According to the information shared at WitcherCon, the episode names in the second season. There will be ‘A Grain of Truth’, ‘Kaer Morhen’, ‘What Is Lost’, ‘Redanian Intelligence’, ‘Back Your Back’, ‘Dear Friend’ and ‘Voleth Meir’. Apart from this, there is also a mysterious section whose name is not disclosed.


We were on the road: The Witcher Season 2 Release Date Announced

The new season of The Witcher, which leaves the eyes of the fans on the road, will be released on Netflix screens on December 17, 2021. We don’t have much information yet about what will happen to our heroes in the new season, but Will focus on Geralt and Ciri’s relationship We know it will be a season. Apart from this, Kaer Morhen, an ancient castle where witchers are trained, is thought to have an important place in the season.