The first tweet now belongs to a Turk for $ 2.9 million


Selling video, content, and tweets encrypted with blockchain is becoming increasingly popular. The first tweet posted by Twitter’s CEO 15 years ago and went up for auction in recent weeks, officially belonged to a Turk.

The highest bidder for the first tweet by Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey Sina EstaviAs of today, with the end of the auction, it officially became the owner of Jack Dorsey’s tweet. 2006 The tweet posted in 2012 has been turned into NFT and Valuables BY Cent was put up for sale through. The auction was officially completed a few hours ago.

2.9 million dollars CEO of Twitter in exchange for an offer Jack Dorsey’in The tweet he posted was of Oracle’s CEO, Sina Estavi. Due to the Turkish tweets he posted on Twitter, many people estavam ‘thought that he was a foreigner who had learned Turkish. He put an end to the discussions by saying “I am originally a Turk”. However, the first tweet of Twitter Turks it has also been a fun source of pride.

Estavi owns 3 more tweets

Sina Estavi

Estavi’nin Valuables BY Cent’ten There are 3 more tweets he has received. CryptoCobain two tweets that gave $ 128.88 by a user named and he was also tagged about Bitcoin. Eshtebahekhoob has received the tweet of a Twitter user named Twitter for $ 125.85.


The person who bought the Twitter CEO’s tweet for 2.5 million dollars is Turkish

It is not yet clear how the tweets that have their metadata and digital signatures will be used in the future, but this is a “digital collectionRemember. Especially Jack Dorsey’s tweet is a rare piece. As the world continues to become digital, many of our old habits are becoming “digitalized”. Many contents such as collections, playlists, game collections are now completely digitalized.

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