The Games That Xbox Game Pass Will Offer in November Have Been Announced

The games that Xbox Game Pass will deliver to its subscribers in the first half of November and make them available throughout the month have been announced. Among the 9 games to be released this month, one of the renewed GTA games, which has been eagerly awaited for the last few weeks, was also included.

Xbox Game Pass, the game subscription service that is also linked to Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, has announced the games it will offer to users in November. In the first half of the month, Game Pass will give its subscribers 9 games, most of which can be played on 3 different platforms.

Among the games that Xbox Game Pass will make available to these subscribers, the famous sandbox game Minecraft and GTA fans are eagerly waiting for, which has not yet been released. GTA San Andreas: The Definitive Edition will also be included. The games will begin to be available starting tomorrow, and the last one will be available on November 11th.

A total of 9 games will be available until November 11

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As you know, we learned months ago that Rockstar Games decided to renew three cult games of the 3D GTA universe and offer them for sale. For the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about the trailers of these games, the innovations they brought, and the graphic differences with the old games. game exit will take place on November 11 And we see that Xbox Game Pass will not wait a day to bring this game to its subscribers. More precisely, only the San Andreas part of the game presented as a trilogy.


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undying legend Minecraft will be one of the games added to the service this month for players to play for free. The full November list of Xbox Game Pass, which sports and adventure lovers will like, is as follows:

  • Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition (PC) – 2 Kasım
  • Unpacking (Cloud/Console/PC) – 2 Kasım
  • It Takes Two (Cloud/Console/PC) – 4 Kasım
  • Kill It With Fire (Cloud/Console/PC) – 4 Kasım
  • Football Manager 2022 (PC) – November 9
  • Football Manager 2022: Xbox Edition (Cloud/Console/PC) – November 9
  • Forza Horizon 5 (Cloud/Console/PC) – November 9
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition (Konsol) – 11 Kasım
  • One Step from Eden (Console and PC) – 11 Kasım