The Giant Solar Storm that Happened 439 Years Ago Is Repeatable

Scientists have announced that the giant solar storm that took place 439 years ago and caused the sky to appear to be burning in flames for 3 nights can be repeated in this century.

The disaster news that we are used to hearing frequently in 2020 continues to appear in 2021. According to the statements made by astronomers from Cornell University and Portuguese astronomers, the last one was recorded in 1582. giant solar storms a new one could happen in this century.

The sky for three nights illuminating as if alive Records of the event can be found in dozens of cities across Europe and Asia. Regarding giant solar storms in one of the texts unearthed about the event “The whole sky seemed to be on fire; as if the sky was burning include statements.

Giant solar storm can affect all electronic infrastructure and devices, from cities to power lines


Scientists examining the records of giant solar storms that took place 439 years ago and today’s solar activities, in the current century They reported that a similar giant solar storm could occur. The storm that took place centuries ago did not cause any serious damage, although it caused tremendous fear. When we come to today, the situation may be completely different.

Solar storms are the propagation of charged particles into space by the effect of unusual explosions in our star, the Sun. These charged particles, when they interact with electronic devices They can cause serious damage. Therefore, thousands of satellites, computers, telephones, even the entire electricity grid, orbiting in a possible giant solar storm; may pass a dangerous test.


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Still for now There is no situation that requires us to panic. Because the prediction of scientists is only a prediction, and the date when this prediction will come true is not as close as today or tomorrow, but the 21st century we are in and has nearly 80 years to end. Therefore, you can continue to use your electronic devices safely.

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