The Groom Was Marrying the Wrong Bride Because of Google Maps


In the unfortunate incident in the Indonesian province of Central Java, a groom was marrying the wrong bride, almost. The situation of the groom, who went to another wedding due to Google Maps misdirection, was noticed by a guest much later.

Recently In indonesia An incredible event happened. Google Maps A saintly person went to someone else’s wedding instead of his own wedding. The groom, who learned the situation later, almost got married to the wrong person.

Neither the groom nor the guests were aware of the situation for a long time in the incident, which deserved to be the subject of comedy films. The groom and the guests, who chatted as if there was nothing odd, realized the situation with the warning of a person.

‘I was shocked, I couldn’t recognize any of them’

According to the news published by The Indian Express newspaper, a groom who had a wedding that day was on his way to the place where he was married. Google Maps used the application. Looking at the phone to find the way, the man went to a wedding in a neighboring village due to the application’s fault. A mind-blowing coincidence caused the actual groom to arrive late for the wedding.

The groom and his family had to search for a toilet on their way to the wedding. Although the main groom could not come to the wedding for a long time thanks to the wrong groom its absence was not felt. The bride Maria Ulfa, who told the incident, made the following statements to the journalists: “I was completely shocked to see the people accompanying this man because I didn’t know any of them.”

One of the guests noticed the situation

the groom went to the wrong wedding


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The groom and his relatives, who came to the wrong wedding because of Google Maps, were greeted with great interest by other guests. Even the groom and his family chatted with the other guests for a while. Finally, a relative of the bride noticed something strange, because the main bride, Maria’s future wife. Kendal was born. However, the groom and his relatives at the wedding Pemalang’dan had come.

Realizing the situation, the guest informed the others. Bride Ulfa’s family, navigation app He helped the saintly groom and his relatives find their wedding. As a result, even though no one marries the wrong person, the incident happened to the internet users ‘How so?’ he said.

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