The Hacksmith YouTube Channel Makes a ‘Real’ Lightsaber


The Hacksmith channel, which we have previously hosted in our news and transformed the iconic weapons in the movies into reality, has taken up the lightsaber case again. The Hacksmith set out to make a ‘real’ lightsaber this time around.

There are many YouTubers who produce content in different fields on YouTube. One of them is James Hobson’s The Hacksmith channel. The team before Of Captain America’s shieldMade replicas of Thor’s hammer, X-Men’s claws, and thermal imaging helmets from Predator movies.

Of course, the work they do is not just these. Their work extends to a galaxy far, far away. Hobson, before ‘protosaber’ and he also succeeded in transforming Kylo-Ren’s triple-prong lightsaber into reality.

The ‘real’ lightsaber from The Hacksmith

These works of Hobson’s Star Wars universe were technically not lightsabers and were made of metal pipes. A ‘real’ lightsaber, pops out of its hilt and returns to it when not in use.

The Hacksmith decided to tackle this problem forever in its ‘Make It Real’ series on YouTube. As a result, he created the world’s first retractable, plasma-based lightsaber. But Star Wars fans shouldn’t get excited immediately because we are still far from the lightsaber we see in the movies.

the hacksmith lightsaber, true lightsaber

Hobson “Despite all our new equipment and capabilities, we still adhere to the laws of thermodynamics” says. In other words, this new model is technically powered by a protosaber and a separate source from the handle. The temperature of this lightsaber, which can even cut steel, is To 2200 degrees reaching up.


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Hobson can also change the color tones of this lightsaber. It uses salt, calcium chloride and boric acid for this. So how did you find this lightsaber? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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