The Internet's Favorite Robot Dog Becomes Police


The robot dog Spot, a viral viral on the Internet with videos pushed by Boston Dynamics, began work as a member of the Massachusetts State Police bomb disposal team.

In recent years, a falling internet video The robot dog, who has been pushed and pushed, with various obstacles removed and put to various brutal tests Boston Dynamics'S success and brutality. Since then we have had the opportunity to follow the development of the robot dog through different videos.

Robot dog became a cop

spot mini

Now this is pretty (and a little scary) dog He started to work actively. Spot, Massachusetts State Police Department (MSPD) He was assigned to bomb disposal team by. The robot, which can open doors and make tracks, will now serve as police dogs.

The new member of the MSPD is not a glorious video or a viral promotion, but formal appeared in correspondence. correspondence The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Massachusetts revealed the arm. Robot in correspondence 90 days throughout “to evaluate the robot's potentially hazardous environment capabilities in law enforcement applications, particularly suspects from a distance and including explanations”Has been rented for the purpose.


Boston Dynamics ‘Spot Robot Robot Prepares to Launch

Robocop Dog

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This information is provided by MIT. 1992 established by Boston Dynamics robots in return for a hidden amount. The company made this announcement in September. Robot August and November period seems to have been hired. Although the price is not explained quite high is estimated to be.


Interesting Statement from Boston Dynamics: Humanoid Robots Are Not Devils

Not surprisingly ACLUis not happy that a robot dog has joined the police force, and the police Robocop dog owner does not welcome that. Eyalety manager of the program Kade Crockford, “Very often we see that the use of these technologies is used faster than our social, political or legal systems react” said. Crockford also said that government agencies transparent to share their plans and new technologies with the public. call She found.

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