The Last of Us 3 Story Outlined

Naughty Dog senior manager Neil Druckmann made important statements about the legendary PlayStation 4 game The Last of Us. Explaining that the story draft has been created for a new version of the game, Druckmann announced that there is no concrete step regarding the game for now.

One of the most popular games of the PlayStation ecosystem The Last of Us There has been a new development regarding. Neil Druckmann, one of the top executives of Naughty Dog, made important statements about this game in a podcast called “Script Apart”. Halley Gross, who wrote the story of the second part of the game, and Druckmann, who said that he is on a new work, the preliminary draft has been created explained.

Druckmann even thought whether the draft they created will become a real game or not. not sure. That what was already created covers the outline of the story, and is still should be studied Naughty Dog manager, who said, stated that he was not even sure what to explain about the story.

No work related to the game

The Last of Us

According to the statements made by Neil Druckmann, the company has talked a lot about The Last of Us. But for the moment this game is about that says nothing happened Druckmann says that even the draft story created is just that much, and that no concrete step has been taken regarding the game.


Bad news for those awaiting DLC ​​release for the Last of US Part II: plans shelved

What are Naughty Dog’s plans for The Last of Us for now? Unknown. However, we are sure that the company will offer a remake version of the game that is fully compatible with PlayStation 5. On the other hand, it is also quite the subject of this news that we encounter a brand new story of The Last of Us. likely. However, it is not possible to know in which direction the company will take a step.

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