The List & Label 27 reporting tool goes into the cloud with the Web Report Designer

The company combit, provider of the List & Label reporting tool, has published version 27 of it. The improvements that have been made since the previous major release include support for .NET 6, which is expected shortly, as well as for Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, Visual Studio 2022 and Embarcadero RAD Studio 11. List & Label opens with the new Web Report Designer 27 also introduces completely browser-based reporting.

The Enterprise Edition of the new version now offers cross-platform work directly in the browser for Windows, iOS, Linux and Android as standard. Developers can use the new Web Report Designer designed for ASP.NET MVC to create new report templates without having to install additional software. Using the Web Components Standard, the Web Report Designer can be integrated into all common JavaScript frameworks – including React, Angular and Vue. According to the announcement, existing templates from List & Label should also be able to be further processed and expanded to include new objects and features.

A new printerless mode gives users the option of using containerized applications in cloud environments that do not offer any infrastructure for printer drivers and spoolers. On the basis of existing Windows Docker container images, containerized applications can be deployed on cloud platforms such as the Azure App Service via the Visual Studio Deployment Pipeline. This means that List & Label 27 can now also be used completely independently of printer drivers.

In the updated Report Designer there is a new function for creating diagrams via drag & drop. It is now sufficient to drag the fields with the desired information into the work area and then select the appropriate diagram type. In addition, combit has evidently also incorporated a number of customer wishes into the new release. A maximum number of segments and the function can now be specified in pie charts Drawing() now also works with SVGs. If it is given a valid SVG string, the image is converted “on the fly”. The use of the HTTPS protocol when downloading with the HTML object also promises increased security.

Further information on all the improvements in List & Label 27 can be found on the website to the new version of the reporting tool.


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