The mobile communications industry is planning massive investments in 5G networks


The mobile communications industry will invest massive amounts of money in high-speed 5G data communications in the years to come. Of the investments of 900 billion dollars (around 754 billion euros) estimated worldwide by 2025, around 80 percent should flow into the 5G network expansion, said the general director of the industry association GSMA, Mats Granryd, on Monday.

The corona pandemic did not stop the development of the 5G networks, emphasized Granryd at the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. According to the information, 3.8 billion people currently do not use high-speed Internet connections. Only around 500 million of them lived in areas where no cellular broadband is available.

There is already network coverage for the remaining 3.3 billion, but they either cannot afford the fast mobile Internet or do not want to use it. Bringing them online is a key task for cell phone providers, Granryd said.

“By 2030, connectivity will be a human right,” said Deutsche Telekom boss Tim Höttges, who was connected to Barcelona via video. The Internet supply must be tailored to the needs of the individual user – because gamers and drivers, for example, each have different requirements. “The winners will be those who have control over the data streams and the identity of the customers,” emphasized Höttges.

The GSMA is hosting the Mobile World Congress, which started in Barcelona on Monday. In view of the corona risks, however, most of the large exhibitors who otherwise make it the most important industry get-together stay away from the trade fair. Among other things, the smartphone world market leader Samsung, the network equipment manufacturers Ericsson and Nokia as well as Deutsche Telekom are missing in the exhibition halls.


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