The Mod That Plays Alyx Without VR Is Nearing To Be Completed


There are many people waiting to play Half-Life: Alyx, which cannot be played without VR equipment, on PC without any additional tools, master by master. A mode that offers a smooth gaming experience has not yet been released. But that may change soon; because the latest video of one of the mods for playing without VR shows that the mod may be ready to be released.

Half-Life: Alyx came out almost at the same time as the quarantine process started last year due to the epidemic, both generally making gamers happy, and those who have been waiting for the series to give a new game for years. Unfortunately, the game was not in a structure that embraced every Half-Life fan; because to play A VR headset or glasses had to be used.

After that, many mod makers started to develop mods to play the game without using VR. Many of these attempts failed as they did not provide the required visual quality to the player and did not render well. However DSOGaming’de a shared mode best met expectations for gameplay and visual quality; at least that’s what the recently shared in-game footage shows.

Half-Life: Alyx No VR Mod’s point:

Although the game excited gamers because it is Valve’s first game from the Half-Life series since 2007, the fact that it can’t be played without VR left many people’s enthusiasm behind. The development process of the mod with the video above started exactly for this reason, as the game came out. The last update of the mod is not only better integrating the items that cannot be used in the absence of VR into the game, used to control objects as in the Amnesia series. Added a mechanic to the game.


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The mod has not yet been shared as usable by the developer. However, the latest video shows how playable the game has become without VR support thanks to the mod. For many players, this is a sufficient improvement. However, we do not know when the developer will be satisfied and release the mod.