The Most LPG Vehicles in Europe Are Found in Turkey


LPG vehicles are mostly preferred in Turkey. In fact, according to the data of the European Statistics Office (Eurostat), Turkey is the country with the highest rate of LPG cars in Europe.

Those who had a luxury car were reproached by saying, “If you paid that much money and bought this vehicle, it’s a hassle to use it as gasoline or diesel.” Now, putting fuel into the vehicle and using it has become as difficult as buying a vehicle. from gasoline 29 cents after the hike, the last one coming to LPG 71 cents The raise illustrates this situation.

Due to the high gasoline and diesel prices in our country, LPG cars more preferred. Since LPG is cheaper than gasoline and diesel in Turkey, the number of vehicles with LPG continues to rise in recent years. However, it seems unlikely that LPG will be more suitable than other fuels due to the price hikes.

The country with the highest number of LPG cars is Turkey:


Not a day goes by that we don’t get another “shouldn’t have” victory or first place in the international arena. According to the 2019 data of the European Statistics Office (Eurostat), at least in Turkey 4 million 661 thousand LPG cars are available. In other words, 38 out of 100 cars in the country run on LPG. These data show Turkey’s share of LPG vehicles among European countries. most indicates that it is in the position of the owning country. While LPG vehicles are in demand in Turkey, they are not preferred much in Europe.


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According to 2019 data, the rate of vehicles with LPG in our country 37.4 percent, diesel vehicle ratio 38.2 percent and gasoline vehicle ratio 24.3 percent. According to Eurostat data, Poland has the highest rate of LPG vehicles in Europe after Turkey. 14 percent of the cars in this country are LPG powered. Italy is in third place with 6.6 percent, and North Macedonia is in fourth place with 2.69 percent. There are no LPG vehicles in Norway. In addition to being the country with the highest rate of LPG cars, Turkey is also on the list as the country with the lowest rate of gasoline cars.

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