The Most Polluting Countries in the World by Years [Video]


Carbon Brief detailed countries’ carbon dioxide emissions from 1850 to the present. Turning these statistics into an animation, the team revealed that the USA is the country that pollutes our planet the most and has the most impact on climate change throughout history.

One of the common topics of discussion in the world for years, global warming. This situation, which threatens the sustainability of our planet, directly affects future human generations and countless living things that do not harm nature. Although governments are carrying out various studies on the issue, how we will compensate for the damage we have done so far has been determined by no one. Unknown.

In a content we shared with you in the past days, we have mentioned the countries that pollute our planet the most and naturally cause climate change. we talked about which. According to the researches, the USA, China and India were at the top of the countries that were not in a good situation in terms of pollution. Turkey, on the other hand, was in the sixteenth place of the list. Now, we present to you the data announced last week. much more extensive We’re going to talk about one.

Which countries have polluted our planet the most since 1850?

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Conducting striking studies on climate change and carbon emissions Carbon Brief, released a video recently. Within the scope of this video, the team, who created an animation for the countries that pollute our planet the most and cause climate change since 1850 (the year the Industrial Revolution started) until today, provided remarkable data about the USA. Because, according to the animation created from the compiled data, the USA has been around since 1850. climate change It is one of the countries that contribute the most to life.


This Is Just the Beginning: The Climate Crisis Will Darken Our World

According to data compiled by Carbon Brief, especially fossil fuel use carbon dioxide (CO2) of the oscillation The USA has been at the top of the countries with the highest rate since 1850. In those years, this country was followed by Russia, China, India, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, France, Ukraine and Germany. When we come to 2021, the countries following the USA are respectively; Chinese, followed by Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Germany, India, United Kingdom, Japan and Canada. The amount of carbon emissions in the USA in 2021 is 509 million tons on top of it…

Here is the change in carbon dioxide emissions by country from 1850 to the present day.

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