The Most Positive and Negative Countries of the World Announced

This year’s results of the annual Gallup Survey of Emotions revealed the damage the pandemic has wreaked on the world. The world, which did not see much change in positive emotions, experienced an increase in negative emotions. According to the survey, Turkey, the country with the least positive emotions, was also the second most angry country.

The deplorable results for our country in the feelings survey that Gallup organizes every year have been revealed. He listed the world’s most nervous, most anxious, most peaceful and smiling countries. Turkey was among the most angry countries in the survey.

Most of the countries in Northern Europe and South America were among the quietest countries in the survey. The survey results, which showed that 2020 was not so bad despite the pandemic, revealed that people mostly felt rested in the past year. Unfortunately, negative emotions experienced during this period were more than positive emotions; especially in Middle Eastern countries.

There was no change in positive emotions

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The positive emotions in Gallup’s survey, such as being well rested, smiling or laughing, doing or learning something interesting, and feeling respected, haven’t changed much this year. There was a noticeable difference in feelings such as physical pain, anxiety, sadness, stress and anger. Even these feelings It saw the highest level in the history of the survey conducted in the last 15 years.

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In the worldwide survey, the prevalence of positive emotions was as follows: 72% of respondents who stated their feelings before the survey day felt well rested, 72% felt pleasure, 70% laughed or smiled, and 70% 86 said they felt respected. The rate of those who stated that they did or learned something interesting and new the previous day was 49%. So more than half of the world spent that particular day monotonously. As a result of all this, the world In terms of positive emotions, it scored 71 points, as in 2018 and 2019.

Positive emotions were least seen in Turkey and Lebanon.

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The country with the most positive emotions mentioned above was El Salvador with 82 points. The countries where these feelings were experienced the least were Turkey and Lebanon with 46 points. The only country that fell below this number was Afghanistan with its 2019 results. However, Afghanistan did not participate in the survey this year.

Negative emotions increased in 2020:

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There was a noticeable increase in negative emotions such as physical pain, anxiety, sadness, stress and anger. The score climbed from 31 in 2019 to 32 in 2020. Again, the respondents who responded according to the day before the survey 40% worry and stress, 29% stated that they felt physical pain that lasted most of the day, 27% felt sadness and 24% felt anger.

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The country with the least negative sentiment was Taiwan. Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Japan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia were also included in the top 10 of this list. Iraq took the lead in the list of countries where negative emotions were experienced the most. Most of the countries in this category were countries located in the Middle East.

The most peaceful Finland, the most angry Iraq and Turkey

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When we look at only anger from negative emotions, the country that experiences this emotion the most in 2020 Iraq it happened. The countries that follow Iraq are, respectively, Turkey, Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt it happened. Coming to the most peaceful countries in the world in the same year, Finland was the first, as you might have guessed. Finland was followed by Iceland, Uruguay, Portugal and Estonia in this area, respectively.

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