The new iX is here: What companies (not) need to do in a security emergency


It is not always possible to fend off attacks on your own company – once hackers have invaded you have to act quickly. The new October iX shows how managers should act. And panic is not the order of the day in a security emergency, instead it means securing information and not destroying any traces. In many cases, external experts are helpful, which should be used rather too early than too late. With what measures companies can prepare otherwise, interested in the title of the new iX.

There are also several exciting topics for developers in the iX 10/2019: On the one hand, an article takes a closer look at machine learning frameworks. With many Python libraries, cloud services, low-code environments and AutoML frameworks, programmers should be able to write ML applications more easily. Which tools are really suitable depends on many factors. Also, a new tutorial explains how to develop your own applications using Amazon's cloud database RDS and looks behind the scenes of data model, memory management and pricing.

For administrators, an article is dedicated to Ansible Playbooks and Jinja templates. With them, not only servers but also active network components such as routers, switches and firewalls can be set up and configured flexibly. One persistent topic remains IPv6. Slower than expected, the protocol prevails – especially because the Internet would not work otherwise, which was primarily due to residential customers address shortage thanks.


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