The only town in Spain that didn't catch the virus: Zahara

In Spain, which is one of the most hit countries by the coronavirus, coronavirus cases have been found everywhere except 1 region so far. This region continues to be protected with great care.

As of today, the European country with the most coronavirus cases in Spain a region attracts attention. The coronavirus, seen in the entire region of the country, is only Zahara de la Sierra not seen in town.

Zahara de la Sierra, a town surrounded by nature with its single-storey white houses, has a population of 1,400, but there are no coronavirus cases yet. The region, which is the only place in Spain where coronavirus cannot enter, is seen as one of the places frequented by tourists. From Turkey with Appearance Bodrum town The tiny town resembling is now completely quarantined.

Spain, which quarantined the country on March 14, pays particular attention to this town. Peoples stay at home The mayor of Zahara de la Sierra, Santiago Galvan, has already closed 4 of the town's 5 entrances to take action against the virus.

Stating that the town's only entrance was controlled by 1 police, Galvan stated that all of the vehicles coming from there bleach and disinfectant said they washed with. Stating that they also disinfect the streets with a group of 10 people every 3 days in terms of prevention, Galvan said that all local businesses and self-employed people in the town they meet their electricity, water and taxes He explained.


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Zahara de la Sierra Mayor Galvan, who has been successful in the fight against coronavirus so far, stated that if the epidemic continues, they will not be able to stand on their own and seek help from management. With a very correct management Zahara de la SierraExcept for Zahara de la Sierra, which is under it, major problems arise throughout Spain. According to the statements made, in Spain, 124.736 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus so far. 11,744 of these people lost their lives.

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