The Origin of the Mysterious Space Object ‘Oumuamua has been Determined


What was the celestial body Oumuamua, which aroused great interest for a period, was also discussed a lot. Scientists have managed to determine the origin of this mysterious structure.

From outside our Solar System in 2017 Oumuamua, the first interstellar objectWas discovered by the Pan-STARSS astronomical observatory. What is the object with the name, which means “watcher, messenger” in the local language, has been a matter of debate.

Two astrophysicists from Arizona State University, Oumuamua quite unorthodox structure decided to examine it. According to the results of the studies, this structure is actually a Pluto-like planet that broke off from its own star system and was thrown into space.

Planets traveling alone in the sky


Research of two scientists, Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets It was published in the magazine called. Before Oumuamua remnant of a cometThere were theories that it was a spaceship sent by an asteroid or even another alien race.

In the studies of the researchers, some properties of the object the behavior of a comet it turned out to be much more different. The velocity of the object indicates that it has been moving in outer space for less than a billion years. In addition, its crepe-like shape and the absence of a particle behind it as its “tail” show that this object is different.


Comet Oumuamua Could Be An Iceberg

In the study of astrophysicists covered the celestial body probably ice structuresfactors such as rocket impact, initial velocity were taken into consideration. It was stated that the ice structure on the surface of the object caused much more reflection and created a higher rocket effect than expected.

Journey on solid nitrogen



The Mysterious Object Oumuamua’s Possibility of Being Alien Technology Is Back Again

It is known that the ice of different substances exerts different propulsion forces. According to the researchers Oumuamua’s features There is a structure that makes it possible: solid nitrogen. Ice in space does not liquefy, it suddenly becomes gas with sublimation. This creates the thrust called the rocket effect.

As a result, this mysterious structure, From a Pluto-like planet the remainder overflows. It is known that there are layers of solid nitrogen ice on Pluto’s surface. In the future, it is aimed to reveal the secrets of these structures more easily with new tools and telescopes.