The personal number: Owners of 0700 want to get rid of special number status

The owners of 0700 numbers want to ensure that they are no longer classified as expensive special numbers. This gave the interest group of the owners of 0700 numbers (IG 0700) known. The number is not tied to a specific landline or mobile phone connection.

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"The 0700 was launched in 1997 as a lifelong number. But the legal gap has been just as long to regulate the costs of dialing the 0700"said Frank Boneberger, entrepreneur and founder of IG 0700. "Today, in 2020, all telephone systems are digitized. Communication is via the Internet. It is no different with connections to the 0700. We therefore now call for the 0700 to be included in the flat rate tariffs that are now standard."

The Federal Network Agency has stated that the 0700 is not a service. Therefore, there is no reason for telephone companies to dial them as "Classify expensive special numbers and, due to a lack of regulation, collect them here at up to 71 cents per minute", emphasized Axel Stefan Sonntag, spokesman for IG 0700.

According to the Federal Network Agency, there were 123,017 personal numbers in Germany in the first half of 2019 with the area code 0700.

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