The photo ideas booklet 2021: Colorful experiments and motifs for photographers

In 2021, c’t Photography would like to inspire you again with exciting photo ideas for at home and on the go. Our new ideas booklet delivers like the expenditure in the past few years a variety of photo experiments and motif suggestions and gives instructions for handicraft projects. For example, we will show you how you can use a digital system camera as the back of an analog large format camera. In the following we give you an insight into our magazine and hope that you will have as much fun trying it out and implementing it as we did while putting it together.

The lockdown continues and curtails many previously known freedoms. But you don’t have to let that spoil your enjoyment of photography. With the photo experiments by Kyra and Christian Sänger you can easily discover new worlds with the camera at home. Whether brightly colored oil pearls, tea landscapes or lively colored figures, with a little experimentation you can create unique pictures and memories. Many of the photo ideas are also suitable for shared fun with the whole family and at the end there might be a new, colorful photo print hanging over the kitchen table.

Contents of the c’t photography photo ideas booklet 2021

Those who like it more natural can take the camera into the kitchen. Because food also offers appetizing motifs again and again. Explore with Jana Mänz in the post Discover herbs and spices photographically Colors, shapes and textures of different foods with the camera. With their successful compositions, the images invite the viewer to enjoy and try out their own creations. In the article Bubbling fruits Physalis and pomegranate seeds show their tastiest side. You get an extra portion of sugar so that enough bubbles can be seen in the picture. A delightfully staged café au lait with a milk umbrella, on the other hand, is an exciting experiment for anyone who likes to play with technology.

Fairytale forest photos: At first glance, the forest appears to be a simple motif, if only because it is represented almost everywhere. But if you try to take exciting photos there, you will quickly discover that they are often similar or look untidy. Nature photographer Michael Bendung gives tips on how to take great forest photos. He also explains how to use focal lengths, contrasts and reworking for depth and mood in the image and what you should pay particular attention to.

Little crawlers really big: Extreme macros show insects greatly enlarged. The tiny creatures appear on such recordings as if they had come out of a fantasy film. With modern camera technology and a little patience, the fluffy butterflies or the mosquitoes or dragonflies with their huge compound eyes can be photographed by any enthusiastic amateur photographer. Jens Kählert presents his equipment and explains where the animals can be found.

Portraits as silhouettes: The typical head portrait can quickly become boring, at least for the photographer. Markus Hofstätter presents a great idea for more variety: silhouettes. When taking pictures with movement, he uses a flash with a short burn-off time, but there is also an easier way, for example at home in front of the window.

Bounce Flash – the perfect always-with-you-light: Are you on the move and only have a flash unit with you? With Tilo Gockel’s tips, you can also create beautiful portraits. It flashes indirectly and also optimizes the effect of the flash with small tricks. The method can also be used with other aids for product shots or food photos.

Scrapbooks: They are a great way to creatively immortalize your own ideas, preferences or photos – scrapbooks. They are not new, scrapbooks were already trendy in the 19th century and famous personalities such as US President Thomas Jefferson or writer Mark Twain used them to record their thoughts. In the article Jana Kühle gives simple instructions to get started with the topic and shows which materials are required and which can be used optionally.

Multiple exposures in the kitchen: Exciting multiple exposures can be achieved in the kitchen with just a few resources. Michael Jordan photographs unexpected motifs made of garlic, whisk and spring onions – from artistic to fresh.

Astrophotos of faint subjects: Often astromotives cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as the Comet Neowise over Berlin. Nevertheless, Thomas Gade caught him there. He used a trick. The object is localized using a mini spotting scope or telescope. How this works is explained in detail in the article Astrophotography.

Software: Regular backups are especially important for photographers. The full version of Ashampoo Backup Pro 14 will help you with this. The software allows you to back up individual files and folders or your entire hard drive using plans. For everyone who likes to print photos at home, Photo Print Pilot 2.12.0 helps to put together pictures from different sources in a layout and to print them out collectively.

You will receive the c’t photography photo ideas booklet 2021 for 12.90 euros in the heise shop. You can still order the issue free of shipping costs up to and including Monday, April 13, 2021. The ePaper and the edition for Amazon Kindle cost 9.99 euros each.

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