The pictures of the year: The top 20 of the c’t photography gallery

Almost 1000 active users have uploaded more than 21,000 images to the c’t photo gallery in the past 365 days. They also left almost 70,000 comments below the recordings and gave around 80,000 ratings. The most popular pictures of the year have now been determined.

20th place“Hamster” from Do Ris
(Image: Do Ris)

The race for first place was extremely close. Heike Maier is in the 14th decimal place before Lena-13. On average, both came with their pictures rounded to 4.9 stars with 22 ratings. Heike Maier’s picture was taken as part of a group assignment in which other photographers also participated. It shows a mushroom umbrella from an extreme soffit, or as Maier himself writes: “A parasol from the point of view of an ant.” Lena -13 made it to second place with the high-key recording “Physalis”. The delicate, clear still life is part of a whole series of plant portraits that the photographer took in this way. It lives from the well-composed structure and the refreshing color contrast. The air show by Bernd BA follows in third place. He managed to impressively capture the bustle of bees flying in and out of the beehive. In our photo gallery you will find all the top photos of 2020 in the countdown.

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