The Problem of Years, Solution to the Corruption of Touchpads Found!


The problem of all computers, regardless of the old and the new, infuriating laptop users, the problem of the corruption of the touchpad, seems to have found a large remedy. Although it seems like a hardware problem, the problem can be eliminated with the right software solutions.

Although the touchpad panel, which is one of the biggest problems of laptop users for years, is quite annoying, it is possible for some computers to be repaired with software.

If you have this problem, it doesn't matter whether your computer is new or old, expensive or cheap. Replacing the touchpad driver you are using may help resolve this problem. Although this process is a bit challenging to do, it is worth solving the problem.


There are 2 different drivers used to fix this problem. Although the actual purpose of these drivers is different, it will keep your touchpad operating on the following computer models. One of them is Elan Driver and the other is Synaptics Driver. To see which one to use, you need to go to your control panel on your computer and see one of these two drivers from the device manager. If your device does not allow you to use one of these, this process will not help you.


  1. Download one of these drivers for your computer.
  2. Run the downloaded driver.
  3. Enter the device manager and right-click the downloaded driver.
  4. Update the driver, run it on the computer, and select the driver.
  5. Check ETD.inf for Elan Driver and SynPD.inf for Synaptics driver.
  6. Restart.

With these operations, you can start using your touchpad. Watch the video below for more details.

Here are Some Computers You Can Use These Drivers:

  • Razer Blade Stealth
  • Razer Blade 14
  • Some of the HP Envy
  • Some of the HP x360s
  • Most of Hp Pavillion
  • Asus’s Last Gamer Computers
  • Dell Inspiron Latest Computers