The Scariest Places To Be Afraid To Take A Step


There are dozens of places around the world that are called cursed, home to urban legends. We have selected for you the ones with a creepy past that we will be most afraid to enter.

Just of concrete or wood Some of the buildings become an eerie place for all of us after being associated with various urban legends. Houses, bridges and even islands because of the bad reputations they left behind “damned” It can be called.

These so-called cursed places are abundant not only abroad but also in our country. We’ll barely enter at gunpoint, even just by their looks enough to make the hairs on our neck goose bumps where are the places, what are their stories, let’s look together.

Doll Island, Mexico

doll island

At the top of our list, Island of the Dead Dolls, all covered with dolls strange island. If you want to go to the island, the only thing that will greet you will be doll pieces hanging on trees, doors and poles of abandoned houses.

The story behind such a strange island is extremely dramatic. Long ago, a young girl accidentally fell into the Xochimilco canal and drowned, and her body was never found again. Shortly after this incident happened, a man named Don Julián Santana he decides to continue his life as a monk and moves to this island, which will later become the Island of the Dead Dolls.

Don Julián Santana, in the lake that passed through the middle of the island and connected to the sea in the early days of his monasticism, body of a girl floating face down finds. Julian tries to save this young girl who is already dead, but whatever she does, she doesn’t succeed. Sadly and frightened, on his way to his cottage, he hangs the doll he finds on the ground in a doorway in memory of the young girl, but whenever Julian approaches the lake, he continues to see the ghost of the young girl.

Doll Island

Perverted to get rid of the haunting ghost to hang dolls all over the island Starting off, Julian could not survive this eerie incident no matter what he did, and in 2001 drowning where he found the young girl’s body died.

Of course, we cannot say exactly what Julian went through. After all, the things the man went through or the ghost of the young girl were not approved by a second person. Regardless of the facts, even the will of anyone, even for touristic purposes I don’t think you would want to step onto this island.

Overtoun Bridge, Scotland

Overtoun Bridge

Opened in 1895, Overtoun Bridge, today the bridge where dogs chillingly commit suicide referred to as. Strange events first started in the 1950s on this bridge, which is the only way to go to the historic Overtoun Castle.

A visitor who goes on a trip to visit the castle enters the bridge with his dog. While the dog is moving very calmly at the head of the bridge, towards the middle, he suddenly starts to make strange movements, his facial expression changes and suddenly he jumping off the bridge.

Of course, it doesn’t end with just one dog. Since 1950 600 dogscommits suicide by exhibiting strange behavior in the middle of the bridge. That’s why both locals and tourists are starting to hesitate to cross the bridge with their dogs. “Danger; Hold your dogs leash tightly ” warning.

Overtoun Bridge

Because dogs committed suicide in a strange way, people thought that the Overtoun Bridge possessed by demonic beingsbecause dogs sense it too out of fear He’s starting to think they’re jumping off the bridge. Another view is that these demonic beings by capturing the souls of dogs They are said to force animals to die.

Finally, a scientific hand is taken on the subject, and animal behavior expert Dr. David Sand goes to the Overtoun Bridge to investigate the mysterious death of dogs. Under the bridge a large mink nest Seeing that the dogs smell the mink, Sand said, Because they can’t follow the scent He states that they got angry and jumped from the bridge. Still, the public continues to believe that the bridge has been taken over by supernatural beings, choosing the easier one instead of believing in a scientific truth.

Molla Zeyrek Mosque, Istanbul

Molla Zeyrek Mosque

The Molla Zeyrek mosque, which was converted from a church to a mosque after the conquest of Istanbul, is located in Fatih district of Istanbul. According to the people living in the area, the mosque’s parking lot was used as a barn and it was under the barn. a well and a cellar has been found.

Of course, the arguments are made up of claims, but one does not shudder when thinking about whether it is still possible. According to a rumor, people living in ancient times hesitated to leave their animals in the barn in the evening because screaming sounds came. To whom this voice, which is thought to belong to a woman, actually belongs to, why the screaming voice cannot be heard, no one has been able to figure it out, but even today, although rare, there are people who can still hear those screams.

Waverly Hills Hospital, USA

Waverly Hills Hospital

Opened for use in 1910, Waverly Hills was one of the USA’s most equipped hospitals for tuberculosis. At that time, people with this disease were tried to be treated, but they were never exact results could not be obtained.

Patients remained at Waverly Hills Hospital for many years, and the capacity of the hospital started to fill up, with more patients coming each month. People who were trapped in the four walls in a way not from tuberculosis, but as a result of psychological ailments they started to die by suicide.

Waverly Hills Hospital

According to the records, between 1910 and 1961 in Waverly Hills, 63 thousand people He lost his life. The discovery of tuberculosis treatment led to the closure of the hospital in 1961, and Waverly Hills was to mental hospital is translated. Meanwhile, a nurse By hanging himself in room 502 commits suicide.

Immediately after, another nurse, jumping from the window of the same room he puts an end to his own life. Suicide rates never decrease in Waverly Hills, which operated as a mental hospital until 1982. Most patients going crazy from the first day he cameLater, he started committing suicide, unable to bear it.

Waverly Hills Hospital

Of course, urban legends emerged for the hospital, which was closed in 1982. According to the legend, spirits wandered at night in this hospital where thousands of people died, and children screaming and crying sounds from some rooms. To the horror game called Outlast inspiring It is even said that a silhouette of a woman jumping from the hospital window was seen.

Buyukada Greek Orphanage, Istanbul

Buyukada Greek Orphanage

Located in Büyükada, one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul, the Greek Orphanage hosts an extremely frightening story. This orphanage, a home for hundreds of children, was hastily sealed in 1964 and never to be used again was abandoned.

There are two different views regarding the Büyükada Greek Orphanage. The first was that the orphanage was on fire and a little boy was trying to escape. that he died by falling into a well story. On the second sight, the fire never broke out and the orphanage by order from the state was emptied.

Buyukada Greek Orphanage

The story of the baseless urban legend associated with the orphanage is as follows; The ghost of the child who fell into the well while escaping from the fire has haunted the area and most people approaching the orphanage at night cries for help hears.

First of all, as someone who has seen the building with my own eyes, I can say that the orphanage is really scary and gigantic. Büyükada Greek Orphanage is already Europe’s largest wooden building and just in its majesty enough to scare people. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the children’s voices coming from the well are just an urban legend.