The secret of the mysterious hives of stingless bees has been solved


According to a new study, the pattern that a tropical bee species, the stingless bee created while building its hives, has great similarities with the pattern that crystals show as they expand. This can explain the architecture of mysterious hives.

Hardworking among the little architects of nature beescan create pretty eye-catching hives. When they are left on their own, they with ideal efficiency these beings, who knit honeycombs and create hives, It amazes.

Spiral, forming a wide variety of sleeve structures such as overlapping discs, double spirals Tetragonul to genus bees, It was among the most remarkable species with its hive structures. Each honeycomb in these structures 20 floors until it supports the structure and features a nest for a separate egg.

Mystery of hives resolved


Any in the hands of bees plan or project How it made such complex structures without surprise scientists. According to new research, the bees that enable these structures to emerge are actually quite a simple cycle is following.


Candidate to be the Home of the Future, 3D Printer Artifact Hive

Expert mathematician, member of the National Research Council of Spain Julyan Cartwright, “Each bee is basically a algorithm is watching. The pattern appears when each bee follows the same path in a different part of the hive.”He said.

According to the mathematician, the only place we see these algorithm rules is not beehives. In psoriasis mollusk similar patterns are also emerging. The patterns that both types follow are actually Since 1950 It is known. Only in those years were these patterns used to explain the formation of spiral crystals.

Each type has its own style



It was discovered that bees pierce the leaves of plants and make them bloom early.

In the simulations made by the researchers, each bee’s wax placed in a hexagon appeared. The most effective use of beeswax is realized with this geometric shape. Bees after the first hexagon He adds the second one next to him or creates a lower layer.

31 the presence of different stingless bee species is known. According to the research, each type is different than the other. architectural approach prefers. As a result of differentiation processes in nature, every bee, according to your own ability it creates a different hive. These structures in mathematical simulations could also be created. Thus, the secret of the structures was exposed.

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